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Dr Divya Sai Narasingam MBBS, MS, Mch Consultant plastic surgeon in Hyderabad. She is well-known in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Hyderabad, over 10+ years in her experience she has done effective, successful in performing the complicated plastic surgery procedures. She has successfully completed thousands of plastic surgery.

Dr Divya sai narasingam is a highly experienced and well trained plastic surgeon who can conduct her aesthetic work at Hyderabad plastic surgery clinic. To become one of India’s top leading plastic surgeons Dr Diya Sai Narasingam worked with numerous number experts from Hyderabad plastic surgery clinic in the plastic surgery field.

Dr Divya sai narasingam always uses ultra-modern treatment equipment and advanced treatment procedures to achieve desired results. This clinic is one of the top plastic surgery centres for everyone who needs great aesthetic appearance for their skin problems.

Educational Qualifications

  • MBBS – Gandhi medical college (2003 -2008)
  • MS (General surgery) – Mediciti institute of medical sciences (2010 -2013) Hyderabad
  • MCh (Plastic surgery) – MS Ramaiah medical college, Bengaluru Karnataka (2014-2017)

Professional Experience:

  • Trained in Plastic surgery at MS Ramaiah medical college and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Senior Resident at MNJ Institute of Oncology and research institute
  • Senior resident at NIMS

Professional Membership:

  • Fellow membership in Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
  • Fellow membership in Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS)

Rewards and Recognition:

  • Awarded as “Best outgoing Postgraduate in Superspeciality” from MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore
  • Awarded as “Best poster in the state chapter of ASI 2011” – Hysterectomy in a Male”

Treatment offered by Dr Divya Sai Narasingam

Professional Skills:

  • Trained in Microvascular surgery and Hand surgery
  • Trained in onco reconstruction
  • Interested in breast aesthetic surgeries and cosmetic corrections

Articles Published by Dr Divya Sai Narsingam

  • Article about “Prevalence and impact of Helicobacter pylori in dyspepsia” in Int Surg J in 2016
  • Article about “Propeller flap in reconstruction of leg and foot defects”

Research and Presentation by Dr Divya Sai Narsingam

  • A presentation about Cadaveric dissection studies to understand the vascular anatomy patterns of Sartorius’s muscle in 2014 to 2015.
  • A presentation about Clinical predictor of skin graft uptake in Moriarty’s sign (2015)
  • A presentation about Perforators of Sartorius muscle flap; anatomical study and its clinical implications (2015)

Why choose Dr Divya Sai Narasingam?

  • 10+ years of experience in the plastic surgery field
  • Thousands of successful plastic surgeries
  • Minimally invasive treatment techniques
  • Advanced treatment techniques
  • Ultra-modern treatment equipment
  • World-class treatment facilities
  • Minimal discomfort after the surgery
  • Instant results after the treatment
  • Long-lasting and effective results
  • 100% success rate
  • High-end patient satisfaction
  • Availability of customized plastic surgeries

For the best plastic surgery for your Hand or Onco or Breast reconstructions have a conversation now with the best Plastic surgeon in Hyderabad i.e Dr Divya Sai Narasingam. Call us @ +91 9494020202