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Burn Management Treatment in Hyderabad

Most people recover from common burn injuries. Some severe burn injuries may damage the skin and muscles along with the underneath nervous system. To treat all robust burn injuries or scars, the best burn management treatment in Hyderabad is essential. The treatment of burns depends on the severity of the injury, deep skin damage, and location of the injury.

Hyderabad plastic surgeons team has eminent plastic surgeons in India who have decades of experience in performing burns treatment and different types of plastic surgeries and reconstructive surgeries for the people who want to achieve better aesthetic results.

The main goal of the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team is to help people with advanced treatment procedures and cutting edge technologies. We emphasize on the patients to provide the best burn management treatment in Hyderabad with a high success rate and minimal discomfort.

What is Burn Management Surgery?

Burn management is the most effective treatment surgery, which helps to repair the burnt skin areas. This burn management surgery helps in reconstructing burnt muscles, tissues, and scars.

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Advantages of Burn Management Treatment in Hyderabad:

  • Deals with acute and deep burn injuries
  • Diminishes the scars caused by the burns
  • Eliminates further infections caused by burns both peripheral and inner
  • Repair the inner tissue
  • Improves the aesthetic appearance
  • Skin grafting is performed
  • Can heal easily
  • Improves the skin texture
  • Eliminates the dead skin cells

Burn Management Treatment Process:

There are different types of surgical treatments available to treat the burns. Depending on the severity of burn injury, the surgeon may prescribe the type of surgery. These surgeries may include

Skin grafting surgery: During this process, the surgeon will extract healthy skin or tissue from another body part and use it to replace the injured scar or tissue.

Plastic surgery: This surgery is preferred to improve the burnt areas’ aesthetic appearance and also maintains the ability of the affected area.

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Why choose the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team for Burn Management Treatment in Hyderabad?

  • The renowned plastic surgeons
  • Decades of experience in performing reconstructive surgeries
  • 2000+ successful burn management surgeries
  • 10000+ happy clients
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Better aesthetic appearance
  • Utmost care after the surgery
  • Effective and long-lasting results

FAQs about Burn Management Treatment in Hyderabad:

1. Why should we know about burn wounds? How many people in one country get affected?

Burn injuries are the most common form of injury in one country. In numbers, there are only next to road traffic accidents. Every year about 1 to 1.5 lakh people die, and 3 lakh people require multiple surgeries. Surprisingly each and every burn is preventable, and that the reason we should know about them.

2. What are the various modes of sustaining burns?

Generally, burns are classified into three types. These may include
Thermal burns:

  • Flame burns: These burns normally occur when the fire flames catch on the body.
  • Contact burn: These burns normally occur when body parts get in contact with a hot surface or substance.

Scald burns or Chemical burns: These burns normally occur due to the contact of hot liquids.

Electric burns: These burns occur at low voltages (Household voltage) and High voltage ( greater than 1000 volts).

3. What are the common places or situations of burns?

80% of the time, it’s a woman burnt by the thermal flame in the kitchen/home. Kerosene stoves sometimes get burst due to pressure, producing flames in the air. Faulty cooking gadgets due to wear and tear like damaged piping and substandard illegal cylinders produced from black markets can cause gas leakage and burns.

In a low socio-economic group, the combination of floor cooking, overcrowding, and toddlers playing around can be dangerous. During Diwali, diya burns and cracker burns are seen. Diya burns are also common while praying at home/temple. Homicides and suicides can also take the form of burns.

4. What are the general safety measures to be taken in the kitchen?

Gas stoves and standard connecting pipes should only be used. Any damaged piping needs to be replaced. The LPG cylinder should be kept open. Switch off regulator when not in use. Stoves should be present above the level of the waist. Don’t hold a hot vessel over the fire with a saree or any cloth. Dont let loose ends of the dress worn, to hang over the stove burner. DOnt allow children in the kitchen.

5. What are the general safety measures for the burn to be taken in the house and with children?
  • No liquids should be placed in reach of children like hot tea, hot milk, hot water for the bath, etc.
  • As well as all chemicals that need to be placed away from their reach.
  • Electric sockets must be child safe and should be placed high above
  • Standard temperatures must be maintained in Geysers
6. What are the different Diwali safety measures?
  • Not to hold crackers directly with hand
  • Not to point burning end towards others
  • No fiddling with unburst crackers
  • Keeping a bucket full of water ready
  • Diyas not to be kept at floor level
7. What are common burns in children?

Scald burns that are burns due to hot liquids are common in children. They can either be due to accidental spillage or due to accidental immersion. Most of the spillage burns are not deep, and they heal fast. Immersion burns can be deep and dangerous. Less is the age of the child; more is the depth of the burn as the skin can be thin and protective reflexes are not adequate.

8. What are the acid burns which we sometimes see in the news?

Strong acid, when it touches the surface of the body, causes severe burns but protein denaturation. An acid attack, also called vitriolage is an intentional act of violence in which a corrosive like acid is thrown over the face and body to cause disfigurement. It is a form of jealousy crime.

9. What are the causes of electrical burns? How do they present?

The main reasons are illegal electric wiring and short circuits due to inefficient electric wiring in households. It can be either a high tension (>1000 volts) or low tension voltages. Generally, both entry and exit points are present. Major problems with electric burns are arrhythmias and kidney failures.

10. How to have a conversation with the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team for the best burn management treatment in Hyderabad?

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