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Defects and Correction Treatment in Hyderabad | HPS

Any deformities caused by different problems, such as accidents, burns, congenital defects and cancer results in facial or skin disfigurement. To clear all these skin deformities, the patient needs a doctor who has the hands-on experience to perform the best plastic surgery services.

Hyderabad plastic surgeons team has certified, and trained plastic surgeons in Hyderabad who provide effective treatments for any kind of skin defects and corrections. These skin defects and corrections treatments from HPS will help to avoid all disfigurements and achieve great aesthetic skin appearance.

What are Defects and Correction?

The deformities caused by accidents, burns, congenital defects, facial disfigurements, etc. are known as defects and corrections are reshaping or grafting. Techniques used for these problems may involve the soft tissues, skin, facial bones, and contouring for defect correction.

Benefits of Defects and Correction Treatment:

  • Eliminates all disfigurements of skin and face
  • Improved aesthetic appearance
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better functionality
  • Also avoids the risks of deformed and damaged muscles

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Defects and Correction Treatment:

People who are suffering from defects and need better correction surgeries will opt for reconstructive plastic surgery, which is used to restore the normal facial or skin form and function. These reconstructions allow them to use tissue for flapping the deformed skin or face.

The plastic surgery for Reconstruction of defects, deformities of the body parts can be performed in different ways which include

  • Skin grafts: Skin grafting procedure involves removing the healthy skin from the donor area and used to cover the damaged or deformed skin. This type of surgery is also used for fractured bone and large wounds.
  • Partial-thickness skin graft: During this procedure, a thin layer of healthy skin is used to cover the injured or damaged skin area. This process is mainly preferable for minor burn or trauma injuries.
  • Full-thickness skin graft: During this process, a complete top layer along with underneath layers to fix the deeply damaged or injured body parts. The sites often include the neck, ear deformity, upper arm injuries, and groin.
  • Tissue expansion: Tissue expansion is a procedure that increases the body to grow extra skin by stretching deformed tissue and helps to reconstruct the affected body parts. The time takes for the tissue to be expanded can vary depending on the size of the damaged area.
  • Flap surgery: This reconstruction process involves transferring a piece of tissue along with blood vessels from one part of the body to the other. This reconstruction technique is mainly preferable for the severely burnt or injured body parts that need complex reconstruction surgery.

Why choose Hyderabad Plastic surgery team for the defects and correction treatment in Hyderabad?

  • Decade year of experience
  • Certified, trained and experienced plastic surgeon team
  • Hand-on experience in performing reconstructive surgeries
  • 10000+ successful performed reconstructive surgeries
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Ultra-modern treatment equipment
  • Advanced reconstructive surgeries
  • Achieves better possible results with defects and correction treatment
  • Utmost care even after the treatment
  • 100% satisfied results
  • High-end patient satisfaction

FAQs about Defects and correction treatment in Hyderabad:

1. What is the cost of the defect correction treatment in Hyderabad?

The defect correction treatment cost in Hyderabad may vary depending on the size of the affected body part, type of reconstruction process used, the complexity of the deformity, the experience of the plastic surgeon, etc. For more details about the treatment and its cost, contact Hyderabad plastic surgeon team now.

2. How long does it take to recover from the defect and correction treatment?

The donor area of partial-thickness skin grafts usually takes about 2-3 weeks to recover, and for the full-thickness skin grafts, it takes about 5 to 10 days to heal.

3. What are the other plastic surgery treatments offered by the Hyderabad plastic surgeon team?

The treatments offered by the plastic surgery treatments offered by Hyderabad plastic surgeon team include

  • Skin cancer treatment in Hyderabad
  • Post-burn defects-contractures treatment in Hyderabad
  • Diabetic foot care treatment in Hyderabad
  • Onco reconstruction treatment in Hyderabad
  • Scan revision treatment in Hyderabad
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  • Nerve Transfers treatment in Hyderabad
4. Does the Hyderabad plastic surgeon team eliminate the stubborn stretch marks?

Yes, Hyderabad plastic surgery hands-on experience in eliminating the best plastic surgery treatments to eliminate the robust stretch marks with some fantastic results.

5. How can I make my appointment with the Hyderabad plastic surgeons team for defects and corrections treatment in Hyderabad?

Reconstruct your defected or injured body parts with effective defects and correction treatments provided by the best plastic surgeon team in Hyderabad, i.e., “Hyderabad plastic surgeon team.” Book your appointment now

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