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Diabetic Foot Care Treatment in Hyderabad

Uncontrolled Diabetes may become dangerous to feet; even a small injury or infection leads to severe complications. Diabetes may also cause nerve damage, problems in blood circulation, etc. Treat all your diabetic foot problems with the Best Diabetic foot care treatment in Hyderabad provided by the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team.

Whenever the foot nerves get damaged, the diabetic patient is unable to experience any sensation in their feet. Due to this, the patient doesn’t even feel cuts, ulcers, blisters, which leads to severe damage for feet. In some cases, people with Diabetes have lower extremity arterial disease, which affects the blood flow to the legs and feet. Treatment for diabetic foot pain and ulcers may vary depending on the causes.

The success rate and patient recovery results of the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team stands out among his peers. Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team believes in offering customized diabetic foot care treatment in Hyderabad for diabetic patients who want to achieve a better quality of life.

What is Diabetic Foot?

Diabetic foot is a condition in which pain or ulcers form on the diabetic patient’s feet. Diabetic foot directly results from peripheral arterial disease and sensory neuropathy problems etc. The foot ulcers can occur on foot or below the ankle. In most cases, these ulcers are non-healable and cause severe organ amputation.

If you observe any foot ulcers which are red, draining pus, hot to touch, and need proper treatment and medical care.

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Advantages of Diabetic Foot Care Treatment:

  • Eliminates the risk of organ amputations
  • Chronic wound management
  • In severe cases, it becomes a life-saving treatment
  • Reduces cuts and bruises on the feet
  • Eliminates the soreness of feet
  • Helps to keep your feet skin moist to eliminate problems caused by dry skin
  • Improves the mobility of the foot
  • Avoid foot injuries or infections further complications
  • Reduces the peripheral arterial disease symptoms

Diabetic Foot Care Treatment Procedure:

Diabetic foot ulcers need proper medical care and treatment. These Diabetic foot injuries or ulcers need everyday slaine and dressings, which helps to moist the skin on feet. If people have cellulitis problems, then they need antibiotic therapy.

To diminish peripheral arterial disease, patients need to control diabetic levels in the body. Diabetic foot treatment also eliminates toe infection. To avoid further infection caused by Diabetes, the patent has to follow some foot care tips.

  • Check your feet regularly
  • Washing feet regularly to keep the skin moist
  • Maintaining the feet dry.
  • Regular moisturization of dry skin

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Why Choose Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team for Diabetic foot care treatment in Hyderabad?

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FAQs about Diabetic Foot Care Treatment in Hyderabad:

1. Are the other lower limb complications preventable with the best diabetic foot care treatment?

Yes, most of the diabetic foot ulcer problems or pain can be treatable with the diabetic foot care treatment provided by the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team.

2. Why is foot care important in Diabetes?

As per WHO statistics, in every 30 seconds one lower limb is amputated due to complications in Diabetes. In India 8% (nearly 1 crore) of the population has Diabetes and 15% of these diabetic patients develop foot ulcers at some point in their life. So in order to avoid further complications foot care is very much important in diabetic patients.

3. Why is preventing and treating a foot ulcer is important?
  • When enough foot care is not taken then the chances of getting foot ulcer is high in diabetic patients.
  • Multiple surgeries and hospitalisations may be needed. If not controlled, amputation of the limb at a later stage may be needed.
  • This adds to the physical limitation, psychological strain, and financial strain
  • Decreasing the life span is a reality. In patients who need to undergo amputation has 50% mortality in the next 5years.
  • And in people who take care and avoid amputation, there is only 15% mortality.
4. Who is at risk?

People with uncontrolled diabetes or peripheral neuropathy or structural deformity or infection have a high risk of foot ulcers.

5. What are the causes of diabetic foot ulcers?

Diabetic foot ulcers occur due to the combination of multiple factors such as lack of feeling in the foot (neuropathy), poor blood circulation (Vasculopathy), foot deformities (limited joint mobility), irritation (like friction or pressure) and trauma.

6. How to keep the feet healthy and prevent ulcers?
  • Check your feet daily (especially soles, in between toes) for cuts, bruises, cracks, blisters, redness, ulcers, or any other changes to the skin and nails.
  • Wash your feet every day in warm water and apply moisturizer to the feet but not between the toes.
  • Never go barefoot, even indoors. Check for any sharp objects stuck in the footwear. Wear cotton/wool socks. Footwear should fit well. Approximate footwear is equally important.
  • Trim toenails straight across.
  • Don’t remove corns and calluses yourself
  • Get your feet checked at every health care visit
  • Meet your plastic surgeon at the earliest when you notice pain, redness, ulcer, discharge from the foot.
7. How can the plastic surgeon help you if there are any pre ulcer conditions like corn/calluses/nail pathologies?

The best way to treat any type of diabetic ulcer is to prevent its occurrence in the first place. Nay callus or corn, if present, can increase the pressure over underneath tissue by 30%, which can result in ulcers. So, if ulcers are detected early, they can be debrided through an operation procedure. Different nail pathologies can be treated and prevented from turning into sources of infection. All this stage ulcer occurrence can be prevented by suggesting offloading devices and customised footwear.

8. What can be done if an ulcer is present in diabetic patients?

If there is a local infection, it would need surgery in the form of debridement followed by reconstructions like local flaps or free flaps or SSG (split-thickness skin graft), etc.

If there is a local invasive infection, surgical offloading can be done depending on the site of the ulcer, which can rapidly heal the ulcer and prevent its occurrence.

9. What is the importance of footwear in Diabetic foot care?

Inappropriate footwear is an important cause of ulceration. Customized footwear and soft insole and hard outsole adequate offloading and proper strapping will help in preventing ulcer recurrence and progression if present.

10. What lifestyle modifications can help?

Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided. Normal glucose and cholesterol levels should be maintained. Feet have to be regularly checked.

11. When should I visit my doctor after Diabetic Foot Care Treatment?
  • Chronic pain in the feet
  • Redness around the incision or infected area
  • Swelling
  • Discolouration of your feet
  • Unhealed injuries
  • Higher diabetic levels
12. I have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. What foot complications could I experience?
  • Numbness in feet
  • Soreness which leads to foot ulcers
  • Amputation
13. What is the recovery time after diabetic foot care treatment?

The recovery time after having diabetic foot care treatment is nearly 1-2 weeks. It may vary depending on the severity of the injury or severity of infection etc.

14. What is the diabetic foot care treatment cost in Hyderabad?

The diabetic foot care treatment cost in Hyderabad may vary depending on the severity of infection, diabetes levels, type of treatment, the experience of the surgeon, hospital location, etc. To know more details about the cost of diabetic foot treatment, contact the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team now.

15. What is the care should take for diabetic feet?
  • Inspect your feet daily including the bottoms for blisters, infection or blisters or swelling
  • Moisturize your feet regularly
  • Get your feet check-ups regularly to avoid further complications and reduce the risk of amputation.
16. What are tips for safe strolling?
  • Avoid using tight, elastic, thick socks.
  • Don’t let your feet soaked in cold or rainy water
  • Don’t walk with bare feet on the floor to avoid the scratch or cut.
17. What are the different types of surgeries available for diabetic foot ulcers?
  • Debridement
  • Achilles Tendon lengthening
  • Vascular surgery
18. What is post-operative care after having diabetic foot treatment?
  • Continue with your insulin medication even after the surgery
  • Freequent BGL monitoring is Important
  • Regular moisturization
  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Avoid wearing tight socks and shoes
19. How to make an appointment with the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team for the best diabetic foot treatment in Hyderabad?

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