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About Dr Sasidhar Reddy J

  • Dr Sasidhar Reddy, DNB (plastic surgery) is a well-known plastic surgery consultant and is in Hyderabad, India. He has been practising plastic surgery for the past 8 years. He is a leading and board certified cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad with immense experience in plastic surgery. After a complete diagnosis, only Dr Sasidhar reddy will recommend the best plastic surgery treatment in Hyderabad. His one-to-one consultation with every patient makes him one of the best plastic surgeons in Hyderabad.

In his years of professional experience, Dr Sasidhar Reddy performed thousands of plastic surgery and became successful in achieving patient’s desired results. He understands the requirement of aesthetics and excellent reconstructive skills provides the best quality results of plastic surgeries.

As an eminent plastic surgeon, Dr Sasidhar Reddy always strives to achieve better results after the surgery. Depending on the patient’s requirement and thorough assessment he suggests the most reliable and effective treatment. He always provides the best plastic surgeries for the people who want to restore or reconstruct their body parts.

Educational Qualifications:

  • MBBS – Andhra Medical College and King George Hospital – 2004-2010
  • DNB (Diploma of National Board) in Plastic surgery – Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Professional Experience:

Associate consultant in the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Sir Gangaram Hospital from April 2018 to Feb 2019.

Professional Membership:

Rewards and Recognition:

Ravi K. Jerath Award for the best DNB student of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for the year 2016.
Axogen Scholarship winner for the best poster “Evolution of strategy and improvement of results for our unit over a journey of 100 cases of Brachial Plexus Injury” at 2nd Instructional course for Adult Brachial Plexus Injuries, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan.

Treatments offered by Dr Sasidhar Reddy:

Area of Interest:

  • Diabetic foot reconstruction
  • Microvascular Reconstruction (Trauma and Onco)
  • Cosmetic surgeries

Articles published by Dr Sasidhar Reddy:

  • Article about “Replantation of Fingers and hand following amputation by fodder cutting machine: Our experience of 20 cases” in Current medicine research and practices 6 (2016) by Dr Sasidhar Reddy J, Ritesh Panda and Anubhav Gupta ET AL.
  • Letter about “Index case of kite string causing neurovascular and tendon injury to the ankle is being reported in Indian Journal of Plastic surgery” in Indian J Plastsurg 2016 by Dr Sasidhar Reddy J, Pandey A, Chaudhary L, Kumar V, Saha SS.
  • Article about “Autogenous control augmentation system – a refinement in diced cartilage glue graft for augmentation of Dorsum of the nose” in Indian J Plastsurg 2018 by Swaroop GS, Dr Sasidhar Reddy J, Mangal MC, Gupta A, Nanda BS, Jhunjhunwala N.
  • Article about “Current concepts in Gender Affirmation surgery” in current medicine research and practice(2017) by Bheem Nanda, Anubhav Gupta, Dr Sasidhar Reddy J, Mahesh Mangal, Swaroop Gambhir, Sanji Bani Sudha
  • Article about “Nasolabial Perforator flap for one stage reconstruction of nasal defects” in Cutaneous and aesthetic surgery journal (2017) by Saha Shankar Shiv, Kumar Vivek, Prakash Siddarth, Panda Ritesh, Choudary Lalit, Pandey Anurag, Dr Sasidhar Reddy J
  • Article about “Gender Reassignment Surgery: Our experience in 20 cases” in Current medicine research and practice (2017) by Anubhav Gupta, Bheem Nanda, Mahesh Mangal, Swaroop Gambhir, Dr Sasidhar Reddy J
  • Case Report about “Osseous Metaplasia mimicking long bone in Intramuscular Vascular Malformation” in World J Plastsurg journal(2018) by Panda R, Mangal M, Dr Sasidhar Reddy J, Gupta A, Gambhir SS, Nanda BS.

Research and Presentation by Dr Sasidhar Reddy:

  • Oral Presentation about “Cutaneous Mucormycosis – Our Experience” at Woundcarecon 2017 held at New Delhi
  • Poster presentation about “Evolution of strategy and improvement of our unit over a journey of 100 cases of Brachial plexus injury” in the 2nd Instructional course for adult brachial plexus injuries (2017) held at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan.
  • Oral Presentation about “Free medial sural artery perforator flap, a good alternate flap for defects over the dorsum of foot and ankle region” in Apsicon 2016 held in New Delhi
  • Oral presentation about “Replantation of fingers and hand in children following amputation by fodder cutting machine in rural North India, A 7-year Retrospective audit analysis” in APICON 2015 held in Mumbai
  • Poster presentation On “Keloid Management” in Plastic surgery exhibition at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, 2015.
  • PG Dissertation –“Functional outcome of after reimplantation of fingers and hand”.

Why Choose Dr Sasidhar Reddy?

  • Eminent plastic surgeon in Hyderabad
  • 10 years of experience in the plastic surgery field
  • 2000+ successful plastic surgeries
  • Adapted with minimally invasive treatment techniques
  • Better aesthetic appearance
  • Safe and effective treatment methods
  • Available with customized treatment services
  • World-class facilities
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Ultra-modern treatment equipment
  • Easy recover after the surgery
  • High success rate after the surgery
  • 100% guaranteed results
  • High end patient satisfaction

Want to get the best aesthetic appearance with the eminent plastic surgery treatment in Hyderabad?

Book your appointment with Dr Sasidhar Reddy the finest plastic surgeon from Hyderabad plastic surgery clinic. Contacting us @ +91 9494020202