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Foot and Ankle Reconstruction in Hyderabad

Ankle sprains or deformities are one of the most common sports injuries. When the ligaments in the ankle stretch or tear, then the patient may experience pain and instability. If symptoms are persistent, then it needs reconstruction surgery. Foot and ankle reconstruction helps to repair the deformities caused by injury or disease.

Hyderabad plastic surgeon team has one of the top-rated plastic surgeons in Hyderabad, who offer the best foot and ankle reconstruction surgery. Hyderabad Plastic surgeons have hands-on experience in dealing with complicated surgeries like foot and ankle reconstructions. The plastic surgeons from Hyderabad Plastic surgeon team will strive to achieve better functionality of injured or disease foot and ankles.

What is Foot and Ankle reconstruction?

It is a type of surgery used to treat different types of injuries or disorders or deformities, including acquired foot and ankle conditions, bone spurs, nerve compression, hammer toe, and plantar fasciitis. Foot and ankle reconstructive surgery is the best way to overcome pain and structural deformities.

Benefits of Foot and Ankle Reconstruction:

  • Long-lasting pain relief
  • Better function and mobility
  • Improved feet appearance
  • Minimal trauma to the surrounding structures of ankle and foot
  • Eliminates all the deformities of ankle and foot
  • Avoid the risk of tear of surrounding nerves and compression
  • Increases the muscle strength
  • Avoids the numbness in the foot
  • Easy return to normal activities within a short duration

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Surgery:

  • Under general anaesthetic conditions, the surgeon will make tiny incisions in the treatment area of the foot.
  • By using an arthroscope, a tiny surgical instrument is injected.
  • The camera at the end of the arthroscope will give better access to the ankle’s internal parts.
  • By monitoring the internal structures carefully, the surgeon will evaluate the severity of the problem.
  • Using the inserted surgical instruments, the surgeon will repair or remove the damaged bone or tissue in the ankle or foot.
  • Then the surgeon will close the incision by using the dissolvable stitches along with the proper dressing.

Why Choose the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeons team for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction in Hyderabad?

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  • Specializes in performing different plastic surgeries
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  • Wound care after the treatment

FAQs about Foot and Ankle Reconstruction in Hyderabad:

1. When can I exercise after having foot and ankle reconstruction surgery?

Depending on the severity of the injury, the recovery time varies. After recovering successfully, you are allowed to do exercises along with routine activities like walking, speed walking, jogging, running.

2. When can I do normal activities after having foot and ankle reconstruction surgery?

Generally, it may take nearly 10-12 weeks to recover entirely from the foot and ankle reconstruction surgery. It may also vary depending on the severity of the injury.

3. What is the post-operative care for foot and ankle reconstruction surgery?
  • Make sure you get adequate rest
  • Avoid using the treated foot
  • Don’t ignore your medications
  • Apply ice bags to reduce the swelling in the treatment area
  • Keep the foot elevated to minimizes the discomfort
  • Use some walking crutches or walker to maintain balance and stability while walking
  • Always keep your clean incision clean and dry.
4. How many consultations do I need after having foot and ankle reconstruction surgery?

The number of consultations required after having the foot and ankle reconstruction depends on the severity of the condition, type of surgery used, your recovery rate, etc.

5. How can I make my appointment with the Hyderabad plastic surgeons team for foot and ankle reconstruction in Hyderabad?

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