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Nerve Transfer Treatment in Hyderabad

Nerve transfer treatment is the preferred treatment option for severe damage to sensory nerves. The injuries in the nervous system affect the functionality and prevents it from spinal cord communication, sensory information in the brain, and also resulting in numbness.

The transferring of nerves will help to restore function in the most crucial nerve that has been severely damaged. The nerve transfer is also used to restore the ability and flexibility of the elbow. To perform these types of complex nerve transfer surgeries, they must need experienced plastic surgeons.

As backed by a team of plastic surgeons in Hyderabad, the Plastic surgeons India offers all types of plastic surgeries by using minimally invasive treatment techniques with fewer discomforts. With their treatment methodologies, ultra-modern equipment and results after the treatment make them the most successful plastic surgeons in Hyderabad.

What is Nerve Transfer Surgery?

It is a surgical technique that is used when a patient experiences nerve injury, which causes severe functionality and sensation of surrounding muscles. The nerve transfer is mostly preferable in conditions when the sensory nerves will not be able to transfer the sensory information to the brain.

Benefits of Nerve transfer:

  • Helps to maintain prolonged head shoulder stabilisation and functionality
  • Avoid nerve grafts
  • Minimal immobilisation
  • Rapid re-innervation
  • Tension-free coaptation
  • Reattains the sense and functionality of nerves
  • Eliminates the risks of traditional tendon transfer
  • Avoids the risks of paralysis

Nerve Reconstruction Surgery:

  • Under general anaesthetic conditions, the surgeon will make tiny incisions on the skin in both the injured area and donor area.
  • The surgeon inserts an operating microscope for better alignment of fascicles inside of the damaged nerves.
  • The non-essential nerve will collect from the donor area specifically from the leg or upper arm.
  • By using electrical stimulation and monitoring the nerves are tested for its functionality and health.
  • The donor nerves will transfer to the damaged nerve area and help to bridge the gap between broken nerve ends.
  • By using electrical stimulation and monitoring the nerves are tested for its functionality and health.
  • In some cases, the nerve gap combined with artificial tubes.

Why Choose Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team for Nerve Transfer treatment in Hyderabad?

  • Backed by a team of Experienced and best plastic surgeons in Hyderabad
  • Specialised in performing reconstructive surgery
  • A Decade of experience in plastic surgeries in India
  • Thousands of successfully completed nerve transfer treatment
  • Quick return to normal activities
  • Attains the standard functionality of the nerves and surrounding muscles
  • 100% satisfactory recovery results
  • Regular follow-ups
  • Utmost care after the treatment
  • World-class medical facilities
  • Life long and satisfying results

FAQs about Nerve Transfer treatment in Hyderabad

1. How do I know that my nerve is recovering?

During the recovery process, after nerve transfer surgery, you may feel quite tingly. To avoid these tingling sensation, the surgeon may apply an electric shock sensation while growing the nerve fibres. Whenever you feel sensation in your treatment area, then the nerve heals completely and grows perfectly.

2. What results can I expect after nerve transfer?
  • Restore the ability of the index finger
  • Functionality of hands
  • Avoids the attendants
  • Better sensation in damaged nerve area
3. When Can I resume my day to day activities after nerve transfer surgery?

Generally, it may take 10-12 weeks to recover from the surgery and to resume your regular activity.

4. What age of patients is eligible for nerve transfer surgery?

Nerve transfer surgery is mostly prescribed for the people who are in between the age of 17 to 50.

5. How can I make my appointment with the Hyderabad plastic surgeons team for Nerve Transfer Treatment in Hyderabad?

Avoid numbness caused nerve injuries with the effective nerve transfer treatments provided by the best plastic surgeons team in Hyderabad, i.e. Hyderabad plastic surgeon team.

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