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Onco Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad

Hyderabad plastic surgeon is the eminent plastic surgeon team in Hyderabad, which has outstanding clinical excellence with the renowned plastic surgery treatments. Hyderabad plastic surgeons team has specialized and experienced plastic surgeons, which helps in providing the quality life of the patients who are looking for the best Onco reconstructive surgeries in Hyderabad.

Onco reconstruction is a branch of plastic surgery that plays a critical role in restoring the lost function and appearance through oncology treatment. Any of the body organ cancer cells or tumours need to be removed. Cancer removal surgeries may affect organ functionality and its outside appearance. This disfigurement is itself a traumatic and socially embarrassing experience hindering normal life.

We, as reconstructive surgeons, can provide renowned and customized reconstructive surgeries according to the patients’ needs. Aim of any reconstruction is to achieve a socially responsible appearance and function with the prime intention of re-instilling confidence to get back to a normal and active life.

What is Onco Reconstruction Surgery?

Onco reconstructive surgery applies for all cancerous areas which need reconstruction.
This surgery can be performed for skin reconstruction, tendon reconstruction, etc. and also for head, neck, breast and abdominal reconstruction, etc.

Want to remove cancerous cells? Have a fear of long process surgeries?

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Types of Onco Reconstructive Surgery:

Reconstruction after Lumpectomy includes tissue, breast lift, breast reconstruction surgeries, etc. Breast reconstruction improves the diseased breast in symmetry with each other. Oncoplastic surgery also rearranges the breast tissue.

Types of oncology services:

  • GI Onco Reconstruction surgery: The gastrointestinal Onco reconstruction surgery takes the care of pancreas, liver, colon, rectum, and anus. Whipple’s procedures, total mesorectal excision, and laparoscopic oncologic procedures treat various cancerous problems in the GI tract.
  • Uro-Onco Reconstruction surgery: URO oncology reconstructive surgeries cure Urological tract, bladder prostate, and testicular cancers.
  • Neuro Onco Reconstruction surgery: Neuro-oncology is the program management of all central nervous systems and craniospinal neoplasms. Neuro Onco reconstruction surgery cures Peripheral nervous system tumours caused by Nervous cancer.
  • Orthopaedic Onco Reconstruction surgery: Tumours in muscles are seen in advanced cancer patients. These cancerous tumours can be removed by using orthopaedic oncology reconstruction treatment.
  • Breast Onco Reconstruction surgery: Onco reconstruction integrates with breast reconstruction to reshape or repair breasts affected by cancer. This surgery helps to achieve better shape and size of the breast and also reduces the effects of breast cancer by eliminating the cancerous lumps.

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Advantages of Onco Reconstruction Surgery:

  • A complete change in aesthetic appearance,
  • Eliminates the cancerous tumours
  • Improves the overall health condition
  • Eliminates the physical and emotional trauma
  • Natural-looking breast appearance
  • Shorter recovery time
  • No scars and infections

Onco Reconstruction Surgery Procedure:

Onco reconstruction surgery is also known as Oncoplastic surgery, which helps to reconstruct the affected part after eliminating the cancerous cells from different organs.

Major areas that require reconstruction

Skin cancers involve any part of the body: This is an ideal treatment for the people who already went through the successful removal of skin cancer cells. After the removal of a skin cancer cell, the patient may need reconstructive surgery for their skin to achieve their natural appearance. These reconstructive skin surgeries may include skin graft, microsurgery, tissue expansion, free flap procedures, etc.

Head and neck cancers: People with head and neck cancer can experience the symptoms like patches in the mouth, persistent throat pain, the lump in the neck, jaw pain. The head and neck cancer may include problems like cancer cheek, cancer lip, cancer tongue, cancer palate, etc. All these types of cancers need to be removed immediately. But after the removal, there might be a chance of disfigurement in that area, which affects the self-esteem of the patient. SO the Onco reconstruction surgeries help in reattaining confidence and achieve better facial appearance.

Breast: Treatment for breast cancer often involves removing one or both breasts in part or whole. The disfigurement of the breast after removal of cancer tissue. This may need the best reconstruction surgeries to regain the best natural appearance of the breast. And also helps in reconstructing and reshaping the breast and nipples.

Vagina/vulva: The abnormal growth of malignant cells in the vagina leads to life risk vaginal cancer. To eliminate the risk of cancerous lumps, the patient undergoes different cancer surgeries. After the cancer surgery, there may be a chance of affecting vaginal anatomy. To overcome all these vaginal disfigurement problems, the patient needs vaginal rejuvenation surgeries.

Why Choose Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon for Onco Reconstruction Surgery?

  • Skilled and certified reconstructive surgeons
  • 10000+ successful onco reconstructive surgeries
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Advanced treatment methods
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Removes the cancerous cells or tumours
  • Eliminates the risks of life
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Enhances the aesthetic appearance
  • Utmost medical care after the treatment
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Fewer consultation

FAQs about Onco Reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad:

1. What are the other surgical procedures that can be handled by Onco reconstruction surgery?
  • Skin cancer
  • Microvascular reconstruction
  • Thyroid surgeries
  • Head and neck cancer surgery
  • Soft tissue sarcomas
  • Pediatric malignancies
  • Cytoreductive surgery
2. How do I choose among reconstructive options?

Surgical options for reconstruction are mostly patient-based. Depending on multiple factors like age, pts size, habitus, whether he/she is a smoker, associated medical conditions, expectations, and lastly, financial affordability can influence the decision. Discussing with a surgeon can help you decide what is best for you.

3. Are the results after Onco reconstruction surgery permanent?

The Onco reconstructive surgery provided by the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team will give long-lasting results.

4. Why would I need an oncologist?

Oncologists will have hands-on expertise in dealing with advanced cancer problems. They always try to remove the cancer cells by using hormonal therapies, biological therapies, chemotherapy onco reconstruction, etc. They always try to manage the side effects of cancerous tumours and improve the patient’s quality of life.

5. What is the cost of Onco reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad?

The onco reconstruction surgery cost is reliable and effective. The cost of the onco reconstruction surgery may vary depending on the severity of cancer and type of organ affected etc. To know more details about the surgery, contact Hyderabad plastic surgeon team now.

6. What is post-operative care of onco reconstruction surgery?
  • After successful treatment surgery, the patient will be on ventilation to avoid respiratory problems.
  • When an arterial catheter is inserted, measurements of the blood pressure and pulse may be monitored regularly on a computer.
  • Keeping the bed head elevated assists breathing and the management of oral secretion by patients
  • Patients should be reversed adequately and kept warm.
  • Uses an interactive dressing for surgical wounds
  • You will be under antibiotic medication to reduce the pain and swelling
7. Is it possible to continue working while receiving oncology treatment?

Yes, so many patients remain in their jobs while being treated and maintaining a productive lifestyle. Our doctors are committed to determining the most effective treatment strategies to fight cancer, so minimally impacting the normal habits of our patients, including the work.

8. How is cancer pain managed with onco reconstruction surgery?

During the oncology reconstruction process, the surgeon will remove the tumour that causes pain through chemotherapy or radiation therapy. After finishing the surgery, you will be under medication that reduces pain. For better results, after the treatment, you have to follow the prescribed medication strictly.

9. What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is a process of restoring the lost appearance or function caused by treatment or injury or congenital disorders.

10. What are the benefits of reconstructive surgery?

It largely improves the quality of life, addressing the psychological aspect that comes along.

Better quality of life – Any recent trauma or cancer resections to your body will need a recon procedure. This enhances your quality of life and gives you back the ability to get back to your normalcy.

Better self-esteem – Esteem is an inner quality, but your outer appearance also has an immense impact on your esteem. Aim of reconstructive surgery is to improve body function and/ or recreate the near-normal appearance. Reconstructive surgery helps you in regaining your esteem.

Improve functionality – Any lost organ causes loss of its function too. We can help you to restore the same by recreating an equivalent for its function.

11. Am I a good candidate for reconstruction?

Any individual with good general health and realistic expectations are good candidates for reconstructive surgery. It’s always helpful to have a frank discussion with your surgeon regarding any medical health issues that can be addressed prior to surgery. We can account for your individual factors, including age, body type, and expectations.

12. What are the risks of reconstructive surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there is a certain level of risk. To reduce the chances of complications, it is important to follow the pre-op and post-op instructions carefully. Always discuss any medical issues with your doctor for a better understanding and appropriate care.

13. How much time does it take to perform the surgery?

Most of the onco recon surgeries are performed as a part of the initial oncologic procedure. i.e., removal and reconstruction on the same day. Hence, it usually takes 2-3hrs after the oncologist has finished the removal of the tumor. Modern anesthesia uses the latest technology to give a less traumatic, comfortable, and pain-free journey through the entire treatment.

14. Is reconstructive surgery the same as cosmetic surgery?

No, Cosmetic surgery includes procedures that aim at enhancing the appearance of a normal body. Reconstructive surgery aimed at recreating the lost function or appearance caused by the injury or disease

15. Why should I undergo breast reconstruction?

A female undergoing Mastectomy (removal of the breast) due to disease has a psychological and emotional impact on her. There is a loss of self-worth as it defines the femininity in her. Loss of positive image, withdrawal, insecurity, social inhibition, and finally, low self-esteem are more commonly experienced.

Breast reconstruction provides multiple options to recreate breast tissue. Reconstruction can be done with autologous (patients own tissue) or with breast implants or a combination of both. Each patient’s individual expectations can be met with a wide range of available options. All these can help you tackle the negative effects of Mastectomy, accept yourself better, and lead a normal life again.

16. When is the recovery time after the reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgeries can be broadly classified depending on whether we use the tissues in the same region of the body or tissues far from the part affected with cancer. Former named regional flap reconstruction, latter as microsurgical reconstruction or free flap. Usually, the patient recovers from surgery in about two weeks and can return to normal life and activity within one month.

17. Is my age right for such procedures?

There’s no right age for reconstruction. Although, higher age groups have few medical comorbidities necessitating modifications in the surgical procedure so as to lessen operative time and the stress related to surgery.

18. What should I be prepared for in the post-operative period?

Any surgical procedure has some risks like bleeding, infection, wound problems, partial or complete failure of the surgery.

19. How to make an appointment with the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeon team for the best Onco reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad?

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