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Post-Burn Defects and Contractures Treatment in Hyderabad

Significant advancements in burn management and treatments can eliminate the risk of skin defects and contractures caused by chronic burn injuries. By avoiding life long disabilities and disfigurements post-burn defects and contractures treatment in Hyderabad restores the appearance and functionality.

Hyderabad Plastic surgeon team are eminent plastic surgeons in Hyderabad who are specialized in performing plastic and reconstructive surgeries. From the past few years, they completed thousands of plastic surgeries, including post-burn defects and contractures treatment.

What are Post-Burn defects and Contractures?

Post-burn defects or contractures occur when the burn scar becomes mature, tighten, and thickens. These discomforts prevent movement and functionality. These are generally observed when the burn occurs over a joint. The complicated burns may turn into burn defects and contractures.

Benefits of Post-burn defect and contractures treatment:

  • Eliminates the risk of skin deformities
  • Avoids the risk of movement restriction
  • Diminishes the muscle deformities
  • Restores the functionality
  • Healthy skin appearance
  • Releases the tight scar tissue

Post Burn Defects and Contractures Treatment:

There are different types of Non-operative therapies which might include scar massage, pressure garments and other surgical therapies. These surgical techniques involve skin grafts, z-plasty, reverse lateral arm flap, five z-plasty procedures etc.

Skin grafts: This technique is generally preferred for the second degree and full-thickness burns for quick healing and minimal scarring. If the burn size is large, patients will need more than one surgery. During this, the surgeon will remove the injured tissue and replace it with a healthy nerve.

Z-plasty: It is one of the most preferred plastic surgery techniques used to improve the functional and cosmetic appearance of burned scars.

Reverse lateral arm flap: This is generally preferred for significant defects. Depending on the severity of the burn injury, the lateral arm flap is reconstructed on the burned area.

Why Choose Hyderabad Plastic Surgery team for Post Burn defects and Contractures treatment in Hyderabad?

  • 10+ years of experience in the plastic surgery field
  • Specialized in performing reconstruction surgery
  • Thousands of successful burn skin surgeries
  • Attains better functionality of the burn areas
  • Advanced burns treatment equipment
  • Certified and experienced plastic surgeons in Hyderabad
  • High-end patient satisfaction
  • 100% satisfied results
  • Better wound care after the treatment

FAQs about Post Burn Defects and Contractures Treatment in Hyderabad:

1. Does this treatment eliminate the burn contractures permanently?

This post-burn defects and contractures provided by the Hyderabad plastic surgeon team eliminates the risks of burn contractures and helps to achieve better skin appearance after the surgery.

2. How long does it take to recover from the skin flap surgery?

Generally, it may take nearly 6-8 weeks to recover completely from skin flap surgery. It may vary depending on the size of the burn, type of burn and severity of the burn.

3. Does the burn contracture leave scars after the treatment?

The post-burn defects and contractures treatment from Hyderabad plastic surgeon team eliminates the skin, muscles, and tendons tighter and restricts the movement caused by severe burn injuries.

4. Will my skin colour come back after the burn injury?

For moderate burn injuries, it may take 12-18 months to heal completely and for the skin to fade to normal colour. If the burn was severe, it takes more time to heal the injury and get back to its normal complexion.

5. How can I make my appointment with the Hyderabad plastic surgeons team for Post-burn defects and contractures treatment in Hyderabad?

Avoid tightened skin or muscles caused by the severe burn injuries with the best burn defects and contractures treatment in Hyderabad provided by the Hyderabad plastic surgeon team.

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