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Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad

Treat all your scars left by healed injuries with the best scar revision surgery by Hyderabad plastic surgeons. Scar revision surgery improves the appearance of the skin by removing uneven scars caused by injuries or traditional surgeries. Hyderabad plastic surgeon is a team of well experienced plastic surgeons who provide both surgical and laparoscopic plastic surgery procedures to remove scars caused by different injuries, treatments, pregnancy, acne, accidents, and chemical burns, etc.

“Though each scar is different and few of them are permanent. The Hyderabad plastic surgeons team can make the scars invisible and make the people more comfortable with the help of most advanced surgical scar revision techniques. Our plastic surgeon will discuss the best scar treatment options with the patients. Scar revision surgery is patient appearance goals based scar treatment choice” – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad plastic surgery is a group of board-certified plastic surgeons who always aim to achieve better aesthetic results with scar removal and treatment procedures. The cutting edge scar surgery technologies and minimally invasive treatment adapted by the Hyderabad Plastic Surgery team stand on top amongst their peers as the best plastic surgeons in India.

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What is Scar Revision Surgery?

Scar revision is a cosmetically favourable surgery that helps in blending the scar with the surrounding skin tone. Scar revision is necessary to restore the function of the dead skin of scars. This surgery is mainly preferable when the scars on the skin are highly visible.

Types of Scars:

  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Keloids scars
  • Contractures
  • Facial scars

Types of Skin Revision Surgery:

Depending on the scar type and its severity there are different types of scar revision surgeries which include

Skin Flap surgery: It is one of the most complicated plastic surgeries, which helps in replacing the injured skin with healthy skin. This surgery will give a new aesthetic appearance to your skin.

Tissue expansion: This surgery covers existing scars. The surgeon will place expanders underlying the skin muscles.

Z-plasty: This surgery can lengthen the contracted scar and helps it to dissolve inside the skin texture. It is mainly used to improve the functionality of the skin and improves its cosmetic appearance.

Skin grafting: This is the preferable plastic surgery that involves transferring the healthy skin from the donor area to the affected or injured skin area.

Non-surgical and Minimally Invasive Scar Removal Treatment Options

  • Topical treatments
  • Surface treatments
  • Injectable treatments

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Advantages of Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad:

  • Improves skin health and its appearance
  • Provides wrinkle-free skin
  • Eliminates big scars
  • Removes acne scars
  • Helps to diminishes caused by surgeries and stitch marks
  • Improves skin functionality
  • Enhances the skin’s complexion
  • Eliminates the age-spots

Scar Revision Surgery Procedure:

Depending on the severity and size of scarring, the surgeon will prescribe different skin rejuvenation treatments. These treatments may include

Injectable treatments: In this dermal fillers and strike based compounds are mostly used. These substances are directly injected into the scar areas repeatedly. The results with these injection therapies reduce the collagen formation and enhance the skin appearance, which may last for several years.

Topical treatment: These topical treatments include external compression, skincare gels, which helps in healing the wound and also reduces the irregular pigmentation problems.

Skin surface treatments: These include Dermabrasion, bleaching agents, laser therapy, and chemical peel off, etc. These are mainly used in the different types of cosmetic products, which helps to clear the uneven skin surface problems. And also diminishes the scars caused by pigmentation irregularities.

Some severe and deeper scars need surgical removal, which involves replacing the dead skin with healthy skin. To perform this process, the surgeon may choose different types of treatment techniques, including skin grafting, skin flap, etc. depending on the severity of the scar.

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Why choose the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeons team for the Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad?

  • It helps to treat any scars like injury, burns, infection, diseased, etc.
  • A certified and experienced dermatologist
  • Decades of experience in the plastic surgery field
  • Most preferred plastic surgeon in Hyderabad
  • Minimally invasive cosmetic treatments
  • Better aesthetic results
  • Improves overall skin health
  • Even the deeper scars are also be treated

FAQs about Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad:

1. How long does it take to perform this scar revision surgery?

Generally, it may take 1-2 hours to complete this surgery. Depending on the size of the scar and how deep it is, the surgery time may vary.

2. Is there any age restriction for this scar revision surgery?

No, the scar revision surgery doesn’t have age restrictions. It is an ideal treatment for everyone who is not happy with their skin appearance and scars.

3. When can I observe the results after successful scar revision surgery?

You will start observing the result within a week after the surgery. These results are effective and long-lasting.

4. Are the results after the scar revision surgery permanent?

Yes, the results after success scar revision surgery are long-lasting, along with proper skincare even after the surgery.

5. What is the scar revision surgery cost in Hyderabad?

The scar revision surgery cost in Hyderabad depends on the size, type, and depth of the scar, the dermatologist’s experience, type of treatment used, hospital location, etc. To know more details about the cost of scar revision surgery in Hyderabad, contact the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeons team now.

6. Is the scar revision surgery helpful in treating the scars caused by chronic injuries?

Yes, any type of scars occurring by chronic trauma injuries can be treatable with scar revision surgery.

7. How long does it take to return to work after having the scar revision surgery?

In most of the cases, the patients can return to work within a few days. The time may vary depending on the extent of the scar.

8. What is the post-op care of scar revision surgery?
  • Take complete rest which enhances the early stages of healing
  • Keep the treatment area elevated
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Strictly follow the medications prescribed by the surgeon
  • Regular dressings are necessary
  • Quitting smoking
9. Can a plastic surgeon fix the scars by using scars revision surgery?

This scar revision surgery is helpful in diminishing the appearance of the scar in the body. Discolouration and skin surface irregularities can be treatable under the guidance of plastic surgeons to achieve better cosmetic results.

10. How to make my appointment with the Hyderabad Plastic Surgeons team for the best scar revision surgery in Hyderabad?

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