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What is a tendon transfer?

A tendon transfer is the detachment of the functioning of the muscle-tendon unit (MTU) and from its insertion, then reattached to a tendon or a bone.

When is tendon transfer required?

This procedure is required to restore the lost movement and function of the muscle-tendon unit (MTU) of your hands.

  • Peripheral nerve injuries/ Brachial plexus
  • Physically irreparable
  • Nerve injuries that don’t recover after nerve repair/grafting
  • The traumatic loss of muscle/tendon open or closed tendon ruptures
  • Central neuro deficits
  • Spinal cord injuries

During the surgery

The surgery involves a functioning tendon being shifted from its original attachment to a new one to restore the lost action.

What cases can be treated with a tendon transfer surgery?

Common tendon injuries like tendon ruptures due to rheumatoid arthritis, or severe tendon lacerations and fractures that are irreparable after injury, can be restored with a tendon transfer surgery.

Therapy and Recovery

Treatment for recovering after a tendon transfer surgery mostly involves physiotherapy and exercises to bring back the action in the hands. Activities that make the fingers move and relax the tendon- muscles are carried out on a regular basis for fast recovery. The exercises are also based on how complicated the surgery was, and may take up to 8-12 weeks to get back to normality. The function of the hand is as normal as an uninjured hand does.